Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

It's time for some fun!!
So I have decided to have a giveaway!!!

For one of my lovely fans I will give away a $25 gift voucher to go towards a custom order of their own choice!!
You might like something to wear or something to love? The choice is completely up to you!!!

Here's how to enter!!!

1. Follow my blog!! (there are links on the sidebars for this)
2. If you are on Facebook, "Like" my page
3. Mention my page on your Facebook and suggest me to your friends!!
4. Tell me what your favourite FFF product is!
5. If you have a blog too, post about my giveaway to share the blog love around :)
6. Make sure you leave me a comment HERE letting me know about all the above steps!!And when you do comment make sure you give me a name (if you dont have a blog user name) or at least an alias name incase you are a winner!!! :)

I will draw the winner on
Friday 27 May @ 8:30pm (QLD time)

Have Fun!!!!
Beck xo


Emma said...

Hey Becky

I love all your Hungry Little Caterpillar and Dr Seuss stuff you do especially for little boys! I have added my email to your blog and already 'like' your facebook page and follow your blog...I am now off to do a shout out on my facebook page for For Fun and Fancy....I hope I win!!! Thanks

Scurrette said...

Becky, YOU are my fave FFF thing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky

<3 I have registered to follow your blog

<3 I already am a FAN of you FB page & will do a 'Shout Out' for you again

<3 My Favourite FFF product is your ELEPHANTS!!!

Fingers Crossed for the prize :o)

ejsumners said...

Hi! I'm now following your blog :)
I am a facebook liker, and have done a shout out for you! My favourite FFF goodie is your sweet little girls skirts.

Paula Partridge said...

HEHE that was MEEEEE

<3 Paula LOL

Jodie said...

Hi Becky,
Ok just given a shout out to your giveaway through both my fluffy changes blog and facebook page.
I have been liking you for so long I don't have anymore friends to send to you, but will double check later on.
I think the most favouirte items have been the VHC shorts floowed closely to the first pair of Dr Suess winter pants.
See you saturday will a packet of things for you!

my3lovelies said...

Hello there Becky of FFF!
Well, i already follow you on your blog, and I like you on FB, and so far my fav FFF is my totally funky Dr Suess yummy mummy skirt you made me!!
And now i'm off to do a shout out for you on FB!

Shell Offord said...

Hello Becky,
I am now following your blog, have liked you on fb for a long while, have just given you a shout out on fb page,posted a for fun and fancy post on my blog

and continue to melt every time I see Dr Seuss or Hungry Caterpillar creation for the little ones :D
Your a very talented woman!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Beck Its Kristy Thomas here, i have followed all the steps (cept the blogging one as i dont have a blog ;p) My fave FF&F item is my VHC skirt, tho i love all my FF&F purchases ;p

lil' red said...

ok, i think i need to win this :)

i am a blog follower
i am a fb liker - i'm the annoying one who comments on all your status updates :)
i posted about you on g's page yesterday - does that count?
my fav product... hmmm... where do i start? would usually have said vhc and dr seuss, but now i'm loving the vintage patchwork pants... and of course my raggedy ann & andy skirt is on permanent rotation through my wardrobe :oD

*fingers crossed*!!!!!!
katie :)

lil' red said...

oooh, and my vhc skirt - can't forget that (ok, i had forgotten it momentarily as i hadn't been able to wear it while i was preggas!)

Lou Peters said...

I've been a fan for ages already <3
I've shouted out on my facebook page ( & also shared on my personal page xx

My favorite is the patchwork pants!! Yeah baby, I'll have a pair for me too!!!

GemmaJoy said...

I love giveaways. I have one ending tonight too!
I already follow your blog and your fb page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! It's Natalie Cocks here. I have been a fan of your page for ages. I have subscribed to your blog, posted your link on my page and shared you with friends. I love all you items but at the moment my fave would have to be the elephant softies - so cute!!!

Shirls said...

I've been a facebook fan for quite awhile :)
I've just suggested you to friends on facebook and will do a shout out on my facebook page for you (Krap Katchers) as well.

We love the hungry caterpillar skirts you made for my girls late last year (they get worn to every other day!).

Roslynd said...

Becky, I just love your little cupcake sets!!!