Friday, May 27, 2011

And a drumroll please......

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and helped to promote my blog a little bit! I really appreciate your help :) So now to the results....

First all the names went into the box...

Then Swift Jim jiggled them all about....

Then he randomly chose a name....

And TA-DAAAA.....The winner is....

Shell Offord!!! Congratulatons!!!
Shell, if you could shoot me an email at becky[dot]truloff[at]gmail[dot]com (obviously put the .'s and @'s in instead of the words ;) ) and let me know what you would like to put your $25 prize towards!!

Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lessons from a crazy sewing lady!!!

Swift Jim gave me all his old "fat" jeans to repurpose into new things to sell at the markets and my online shop. So tonight I got busy making some funky wrist cuffs.
After a couple of hours worth of sewing, and seriously offending my sewing machine in the meantime (I broke the needle, then it decided to sew backwards!!) I was quite happy with the results of my evening's work.....

That was until I started packing up. As I started to fold the jeans up to put away for further repurposing I looked at the pockets and thought to myself... "Gee they are girly pockets".... HANG ON!!! They ARE girly pockets!!!! THEY ARE MY JEANS!!!!!

My nice jeans gone :( I sure hope those wrist cuffs sell at the market on the weekend!!! Maybe I need to label them "designer"?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

It's time for some fun!!
So I have decided to have a giveaway!!!

For one of my lovely fans I will give away a $25 gift voucher to go towards a custom order of their own choice!!
You might like something to wear or something to love? The choice is completely up to you!!!

Here's how to enter!!!

1. Follow my blog!! (there are links on the sidebars for this)
2. If you are on Facebook, "Like" my page
3. Mention my page on your Facebook and suggest me to your friends!!
4. Tell me what your favourite FFF product is!
5. If you have a blog too, post about my giveaway to share the blog love around :)
6. Make sure you leave me a comment HERE letting me know about all the above steps!!And when you do comment make sure you give me a name (if you dont have a blog user name) or at least an alias name incase you are a winner!!! :)

I will draw the winner on
Friday 27 May @ 8:30pm (QLD time)

Have Fun!!!!
Beck xo