Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lessons from a crazy sewing lady!!!

Swift Jim gave me all his old "fat" jeans to repurpose into new things to sell at the markets and my online shop. So tonight I got busy making some funky wrist cuffs.
After a couple of hours worth of sewing, and seriously offending my sewing machine in the meantime (I broke the needle, then it decided to sew backwards!!) I was quite happy with the results of my evening's work.....

That was until I started packing up. As I started to fold the jeans up to put away for further repurposing I looked at the pockets and thought to myself... "Gee they are girly pockets".... HANG ON!!! They ARE girly pockets!!!! THEY ARE MY JEANS!!!!!

My nice jeans gone :( I sure hope those wrist cuffs sell at the market on the weekend!!! Maybe I need to label them "designer"?


Paula Partridge said...

LOL oh my that is a great way ending my day :-) I'm in stitches :-) sorry for your loss tho :( Shopping??? Hehe

Sarah bailey said...

Maybe look at it as a positive,you now have a very good excuse to go shopping to buy more hehe but I feel your pain,there is nothing like a pair of faithful jeans :-(

trace said...

Who likes short shorts ? We like short shorts ;p